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What is Life Coaching?


A life coach is a wellness professional who helps people make progress in their lives. Life coaches aid their clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives.


Life coaches can help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle. In creating these strategies, life coaches target your unique skills and gifts. By helping you to make the most of your strengths, life coaches provide the support you need to achieve long-lasting change.


One of the main benefits of working with a life coach is the ability to gain a fresh, informed perspective on problems that you face. Working with a life coach can help bridge the gap between your current circumstances and the life you’d like to lead.

Though I have a general, all- encompassing approach to coaching, I specialize in the following coaching areas:

  • Business, executive, and leadership coaching

  • Career coaching

  • Dating and relationship coaching

  • Financial coaching

  • Health and wellness coaching

  • Life skills coaching

  • Spirituality coaching


Goals of Life Coaching


The overall goal of life coaching is about helping people to identify the obstacles that keep getting in their way, assisting them with finding motivation, and pinpointing any resistance to change. A life coach is a broad term. You can also find business coaches, executive coaches, leadership coaches, and health coaches, but a life coach is typically most helpful when you’re thinking about your overall future.



Life coaching vs. Therapy


Therapy focuses on mental health; life coaching focuses on goals. In therapy one might explore past traumas and hurt, family of origin issues, mental health diagnoses, and other mental or emotional challenges. Life coaching is a goal oriented service that stays in the present to move forward to life goals. Simply put, where therapy is rooted in both the past and present to help you heal, life coaching is rooted in the present and the future to help you to achieve your goals. Therapy usually has not end time and will take as long as it take. Life coaching, however, is generally short term with a designated time end date in mind. Each life coach has a different policy concerning duration of services.

Counseling will be recommended for clients needing care outside of the scope of life coaching.



30 mins $70

60 mins $150

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